Rubber Studio


Email Training

So, you've stumbled on my website, read my words on the screen and already, your heart pumps heat through your body.

You're excited. I can smell it right now. A session with me has been a damp and dark fantasy in your mind for months. What would you do to earn the golden opportunity to meet me in the flesh?

Meeting me is to come face-to-face with the answers to life's questions. Why you've been given legs? To bend them at the knees to my will. Why you've been given lips? To kiss the floor I walk on. I give your body a new purpose.

Seeking me out is well worth the journey. But what if that journey is too long and impractical?  How painful it must be to have your desire starve for someone you can't even see in person? I know you still hunger for a life-changing session with me, but it's difficult for you make that giant leap forward.

Don't fret; smile.

You can still be trained from a physical distance, but still feel that spiritual closeness.

One step at a time, you will be molded into a suitable slave who's ready for a full session with me. Your journey will begin with a small task.

E-mail Training

You love amusing me, don't you? You'd do anything for just a crumb of my attention. My entertainment means the world to you, doesn't it? What better way is there to prove your devotion to me other than making me smile? 
For those who are willing to dip their toes into the sweet, dark pool of devotion, apply for e-mail training. Every task I assign you will be tailored to your kinks. The more tasks you complete, the closer you will reach to being ready for more intensive, distance training.