February 17th!!! Milking Machine

The ultimate male pleasure device? Or the cruelest addition to the tools of mass emasculation?
You're strapped to the bed, wearing slick, shiny, black latex, and a tubular shaft attached to your length.
The tubular shaft feels just like a wet throat that hugs your length, stroking up, down, up and down--the perfect blowjob simulation.
With each stroke, there's a mechanical hiss, rhythmically timing with every pump and every stroke of the machine's shaft.
The pleasure makes your mind float so high, you've forgotten that you're still strapped to the bed.
Your orgasm climbs higher, and higher still...until suddenly, you surrender your seed to the Milking Machine.
But the machine doesn't stop.
The constant hissing noise continues as the shaft mercilessly pumps up and down.
As sweet pleasure slowly sours into pain, the cold horror reveals itself: you never had control over your own body, much less your own orgasm.
Now you're completely drained, still bound and trapped, wondering if there's ever an end to the torture.

Extra Small latex arm binder
XXXL latex leg binder
Red vac suit
Grey vacuum cube
XXXL Vacuum bed
Gun metal inflatable sleepsack
Red straight jacket
Black sleepsack with attached hood, nipple and genital access
Black suit with no arms and bent leg
White medium catsuit
White medium dress
inflatable cover all dress no arms sz 6
Extra small catsuit with inflatable boobs
Small catsuit with inflatable boobs
Medium catsuit with inflatable boobs
Red and black straight jacket no arms
Extra Large royal blue dress
Extra Large pink dress
Small catsuit with inflatable boobs
Small red extra long maids dress

February 17th it will be available !!! SERIOUS KIT PULSATING RUBBER SUIT

Offer yourself to the Pulsating Rubber Suit.

What does it feel like to wear latex that breathes?

It's like sacrificing your whole body to the jaws of a hungry rubber vampire.

A vampire that lives to suck you down into a black abyss, slowly devouring you whole.

As the rubber repeatedly grabs hold of your flesh, you'll feel like you're being chewed, sculpted and molded to fit perfectly in its mouth.

Then it sucks you down deeper into a world that is tight, warm and wet--like a throat--where you'll lose the concept of self, and the concept of time.

With lube as its saliva, your struggles only make it easier for your body to slide down as the rubber beast sucks you further. There is no escape. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

You've just been fed to the Pulsating Rubber Suit--my beast--and I'm its Mistress and Master.

Latex Clothing Inventory for clients

Rubber Studio

Sleepsack with gasmask attached
XXXL Black Sleepsack inflatable
Inflatable Black and purple sleepsack with nipple and genital entry Sz medium
XXl inflatable catsuit with no arms
Purple and black sleepsack Inflatable
Inflatable cover all dress no arms sz 10
XXXl inflatable sleepsack exposed head
Black and grey hobble skirt sz small
Black medium sleepsack
XXL sleepsack with nipple and genital access
Transparent sleepsack with nipple and genital access
XXXL straightjacket bodybag with nipple and genital access
Inflatable sleepsack XL
Transparent smoke dress
Small long dress
Xl ruffle shirt
Medium pink rubber doll catsuit
Medium onesie