In every alluring, perspicacious and sophisticated woman is a feral kitten who yearns to bare

her base desires.
A kitten who needs to surrender.
A kitten who begs to be ravished and controlled.
Only one Mistress knows how to stroke her kitten with just the right balance of tenderness and

roughness; and when that knowing hand touches her kitten, she purrs.
Together, my kitten and I will enter a sub-space, where the word "No" doesn't exist to her.
The chemistry between us is like a a kitten to a string--a string spun by her Mistress Ariana,

and her kitten to caught in it's rapture.

My kitten and I are available for double sessions only. You will not be grated a session with

My kitten without Me period.

Rubber Studio


Read these words and listen to the voice in your head.

You've heard of the Legend. But how many of you actually get to witness it?

How many of you can actually say that you've sessioned with the Queen of Rubber and Bondage?

Do you hunger for the scent of rubber filling your lungs and overtaking your senses?

Do you starve to know what it's like to be thrown into the darkest, wettest parts of your mind, where

you're almost drowning in a pool of your own lusts and desires?

Do you crave to be pushed beyond your limits?

Bondage, role-play, rough-housing, humiliation, punishment, the list goes on--each of these kinks I've

honed from years as a Domina. And I've mastered all of them as well as I can crack a whip.

Domination for me is not a hobby. It is my form of art--a way of life.

Become drugged on the sensation that is Mistress Ariana.